our projects

marianna apresyan

BA English language and linguistics 

MSc Management - City University, London

edited RU subtitles for films:

An Armenian Trilogy, Ayamna, Young Sons, The Fisherman's Daughter 

reviewed EN subtitles for films and TV shows: 

Integrity (Vernost), 

VIP Cop (Politseyskiy s Rublyovki), Sabre Dance, War and Peace, The Ascent, Borodach, Tolya the Robot and others. 

charlotte wren

MSc Russian language - Oxford University


translated scripts for TV shows:

An Ordinary Woman

Serdtse Parmy

Off Season

maeve wiegand

MSc Russian language and linguistics - University of Edinburgh

translated and edited subtitles for various Russian TV shows, documentaries and feature films including Beanpole by Kantemir Balagov.

Maeve also translates books and academic texts. 


maria sokolova

managed projects: 

Beanpole, VIP Cop (Politseyskiy s Rublyovki), Olga, Sabre Dance, An Armenian Trilogy, Gogol, Chernobyl, An Ordinary Woman, Vongozero and many others. 


tal wood

edited subtitles for a wide range of films and TV shows:

The Cranes are Flying, Borodach, Temporary Difficulties, Interns, Anna Karenina, Gogol and others. 


sasha kuchina

translated books:

Andy Inglis, Notes From the Continent: the hopes and dreams of a tour-manager,

translated subtitles for An Armenian Trilogy and TV shows for Netflix

lera omelyanchik

subtitles and translates TV shows for Netflix