We have native speakers of English and of Russian working on our team. 


There are several stages to our process:


—> Transcription. First, we transcribe the film and separate the dialogue into lines.


—> Spotting. At this stage, each line of dialogue is formatted so that it aligns with the start and end of character speech. There is a whole range of technical rules that must be followed during this process, including limitations on the character length of each line and the reading speed of each subtitle, as well as the need to ensure the subtitles appear and disappear at the right time. The goal is to make the subtitles comfortable for the viewer to read as they watch the film.


—> Translation. Then, the film is translated into English by a native speaker.


—> Review. At this stage, a native Russian speaker goes over the translation of the subtitles and suggests changes to improve it. This is a very important stage, as it helps to ensure that all the nuances in meaning and the tone of the source material, down to the smallest details, are included in the translation. This is the stage where we recreate your film in English, where we preserve and convey all the emotion, style, and humor of the original in the way that the creator intended.



subtitling and translation 



creating subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing



technical editing

editing subtitles in accordance with international standards



video/audio transcription services (EN)



video/audio transcription services (RU)






We can also create a custom style for your subtitles, including choice of font, font size, background, and position.

We can even create fade-in and fade-out effects.

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