We recreate your films for foreign audiences. 

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translating creative texts

We'll make your script seem like it was originally written in another language. 

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creating dialogue lists

We follow the standards and save your time. 

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some of the films and TV shows we have worked on

meet our team

submonkeys is a subtitling and translation company based in St. Petersburg, Russia, which specializes in movie and TV content. The submonkeys team is made up of professionals, all of whom have previous experience working in large translation companies. They have worked in various roles, such as project manager, head of quality control, and as translators and editors. The thing that unites us is our shared passion and love for film. 


We know all the ins and outs of the film translation process, and we give equal importance to creativity, quality, and efficiency during this process. You can entrust your work to us - we will take good care of your film and help it win the hearts of international viewers.

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writing about films and our work

December 10, 2019

Language is wonderfully weird and difficult and full of nuances that can easily cause confusion and misunderstanding. I will admit that while working on a translation...

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